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As part of our History work we have been looking at toys both now and in the past. We talked about our favourite toys last week and what they were made of. We realised a lot of them were made of plastic and several either had to be plugged in- like tablets or X Boxes or used batteries to work like the Thomas trains.

This week Mrs Heal talked to us about her favourite toys when she was little. Most of the toys were made of wood and she said she didn’t have any toys that needed plugging in. She also had a Jack in The Box and spinning wheels

Mrs Mattingley’s dad- who is 80- also talked to us about the toys he had when he was a child during the War. He had to talk to us by video as he couldn’t come into school. He said that a lot of his toys were home made and again lots of the toys were made of wood- even the dolls his sister had. He used to play marbles in the drain covers and he showed us a game that is 100 years old called bagatelle

Both Mrs Heal and Mr Pannell told us that they played outside in the streets with their friends because there was very little traffic. They played things like skipping, hopscotch and clapping games. They didn’t have things like iPad or games consoles, and both said they spent most of their time outside.

We learned that some of the games we play are the same- like skipping, hop scotch, football and hoops, but that a lot of the toys are very different. Plastic and electronic toys were the main difference.

Then we were lucky to get to play with some old toys. We played with Mr Pannell’s bagatelle game which is 100 years old, with some old matchbox cars and some Russian dolls. We played with old board games and we played marbles without a plastic marble run. We used our wooden dolls house and castle and Mrs Burchill’s Big Yellow Teapot dolls house from the 1980’s. Outside we used the chalks to play hopscotch, and used hoops and skipping ropes- ours were plastic but they would have been wooded when Mr P and Mrs H were young!

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